Dancing Lions

The painting depicts two lion's mane jellyfish gracefully floating in an underwater scene. The jellyfish are both the same size, with long, flowing tentacles that ripple and sway in the water.  The jellyfish appear to be illuminated from within, with their long flowing tentacles glowing in shades of orange, yellow, and red . The background is a dark blue, mimicking the deep sea, and there are small bubbles scattered throughout the painting, adding to the feeling of being submerged. The jellyfish are the central focus of the painting, their intricate and delicate forms taking center stage. The overall effect is one of tranquility and otherworldly beauty.

Bray Co Wicklow Seascape
50 x 70cm
pastel pencils and pan pastels on pastelmat

Sunset Serenity

In this pastel painting, the sun is just about to touch the horizon, casting a warm, golden light across the scene. The sky is a gradient of deep oranges and reds, gradually fading into a cooler blue and violet as it reaches the top of the painting. The ocean is calm, with gentle. The water reflects the warm colors of the sky, creating a beautiful orange and yellow glow. . The overall effect is a serene and peaceful scene, with a sense of tranquility and beauty. 
Bray Co Wicklow Seascape
pastel pencils and pan pastels on pastelmat
69cm x  47cm unframed pastel painting


The painting depicts a calm night scene of greystones co Wicklow, with the moon casting a soft glow over the dark blue sea. In the foreground to the right is a large anchor statue, standing tall and proud on a grassy cliff . The anchor is weathered and rusted, a testament to its long years of service.

The painting is done in oil, with rich, dark tones that add depth and texture to the scene. The contrast between the anchor and the sea creates a striking image, making the painting both majestic and peaceful.

Oil painting on canvas
Greystones, Co Wicklow
white frame with glass and mount 48x58cm

Framed Mini Seascapes

This small acrylic pour painting depicts a bird's eye view of a serene seascape. The top of the painting is a deep blue color that represents the sky. The middle part of the painting is a mixture of shades of blue and turquoise, which represent the sea. The bottom of the painting is a blend of beige and tan, representing the sand on the beach. The colors blend seamlessly, creating a smooth and peaceful transition from the sea to the sand. The painting is small and compact, making it perfect for a desk or small shelf. 
7 x7cm box Canvas
14.5 x 14.5 cm framed

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