This watercolor painting depicts a magnificent round tower standing tall in the historic site of Glendalough, Wicklow. The tower reaches towards the clear blue sky, its sturdy stonework and intricate detailing creating a strong visual impact. The tower is the focal point of the painting, its circular shape and height emphasized by the upward perspective. In the background, the blue sky fills the canvas, with a few white clouds adding a sense of depth and movement. The overall effect is a peaceful and tranquil representation of this iconic Irish landmark.   
Framed watercolour painting
Round Tower, Glendalough, Co Wicklow


The painting depicts a calm night scene of greystones co Wicklow, with the moon casting a soft glow over the dark blue sea. In the foreground to the right is a large anchor statue, standing tall and proud on a grassy cliff . The anchor is weathered and rusted, a testament to its long years of service. 

The painting is done in oil, with rich, dark tones that add depth and texture to the scene. The contrast between the anchor and the sea creates a striking image, making the painting both majestic and peaceful.

Oil painting on canvas
Greystones, Co Wicklow
white frame with glass and mount 48x58cm

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